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Welcome to the Projects page, rather than you having to search the site to get to the project your after, I thought I’d put some quick links in here for you along with a brief description of the project and what it is I’m trying to achieve.

I have broken the page into sections to highlight the areas I have been working on; mainly because I’m interested in a lot of things and generally have a brain full of things I’d like to do… so this helps me list them all to, from the completed, working on, to just a formation of an idea (won’t include the business ideas… for obvious reasons..)

From time to time and depending on the amount of projects, I may ask you for what you’d like to see done first… so keep checking back to see the progress I make, or if something interests you…

Business Projects :

  • Making Money With Porn:  (IN PROGRESS) This is an ongoing project, and currently in its infancy; with all the site designed and the back-end sorted, I’m still waiting for my contractor to finish the final design changes to the site, before I can upload it to a dedicated server and publish it. check the link for a write up on how I have gone about creating this site.

Home Server and Media Centre Projects :

  • HP Proliant N54L Windows Server 2012 Media Server: (COMPLETED) I was running out of space on two 4TB Buffalo NAS boxes and needed something bigger to store all my Music, Movies, TV Shows, and Pictures. This post details why I decided to go Server based rather than another NAS, the hardware that went into the box, and the build and set-up.
  • XBMC MYSQL Server Setup: (COMPLETED) This coincided with the increase in storage project, as I wanted a single database of all the Music, Movies, and TV Shows that could be accessed by all the other XBMC clients I have or plan to have. that and I wanted to see if I could so it. This post shows you how to do it and the pitfalls to avoid.
  • Lenovo Q180 OpenElec Media Centre: (COMPLETED) Again this was also part of the NAS upgrade, this box was previously used with the old NAS boxes but hosted the Media database. This post details the setup and install of OpenElec and how I connected it to the central database, I can now replicate this on any other XBMC or Openelec Clients.
  • SONOS Home Setup: (COMPLETED) This post shows the SONOS setup I have at Home and How I have linked it to the “Media Server”
  • vmWare ESXi Home Server: (COMPLETED) This was a project I did a couple of years ago and it’s serving well as both a Windows Active Directory test environment and host to some of my email addresses. This post will goes over the basics of creating a vmWare “whitebox”; I’m so impressed with the HP Proliant N54L that i may buy another to turn this into a “whitebox”

DAX RUSH Upgrades and Projects:

  • Build Pages from Previous Owner: (COMPLETED) This is a link to the Dax forum where the previous owner takes you through the steps of how he built this car. an Epic and first class job, I will be updating this thread as well as posting on of the upgrades and projects I do.
  • Create Fibreglass Boot: (IDEA) The Boot as it stands is empty, as I have the Motorcycle version of the car, the boot space is a lot bigger due to normally housing the fuel tank; as there are no of the shelf parts that can be used for this version I want to create a more usable space for longer journeys.
  • Create Rear Diffuser: (IDEA) At the moment the underside of the car is completely flat, and this provides a good excuse to try and create a rear diffuser to help the overall aerodynamics of the car, granted the gains might not be great, but aesthetically it should look great in carbonfibre!  -and it’s just one of those things I fancy trying out.
  • Create Front Splitter: (IDEA) This kinda goes hand in hand with the Diffuser idea, as it will help with the overall aero for the car.
  • Three Pedal, Pedal Box: (IDEA) The car currently has a Wilwood two pedal floor mounted box for the clutch, and brake; along with the Dax supplied Accelerator pedal. Although this setup works as it is, Heel and Toe’ing on down-shifts is not easy due to the location of the accelerator pedal, a new Wilwood Three Pedal Box would sort this.
  • Ignition Cut with Throttle Blip Down-shifts: (IDEA) The car currently shifts gear using a Kliktronic electronic actuator on the Motorcycle gearbox, operated via paddles behind the steering wheel. Although the Kliktronic has the ability to cut the ignition this is not being used. This project will detail how I go about achieving this.
  • Megasquit Upgrade and Timing Control: (IDEA) The idea behind this is to take advantage of new features in the software and at the same time control the ignition timing, at the moment the car runs the original Ignition control module as it was originally a carb engine that has been convert to run throttle bodies with a Megasquirt ECU.


  • Extendable Car Mounts: (IDEA) I have had a GoPro for a couple of years now and have many of the standard mounts available, but as I plan on using it a bit more with the DAX to make videos, I want the ability to create different shots.
  • Snowboard Mount (IDEA) I have mainly used the hand held and helmet mount when snowboarding, but want to come up with some way to put a mount on the board that is extendable also, and compatible with all the boards I have.
  • Pan and Tilt Time Lapse: (IDEA) I have seen these and they seem relatively easy to make using egg timers from IKEA, so in theory this should be a case of copying another persons idea.

Health and Fitness:

  • Project Get Fitter!: (IDEA) I’m not completely un-healthy, but I am far from super fit! My plan with this project is to provide details of current weight and measurements, and hit the gym! This is primarily to get me to go, because as of late I have been struggling with motivation and a lack of time. so hopefully this will serve as encouragement.

If you like my projects or have ideas on something I should be trying, whether to make my life easier or more complicated ( I like a challenge) Please get involved in the comments sections at the bottom of the particular projects page.