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Getting Started

  Those of you that have followed this series of blog posts from the “about me” page then onto “Setting the Scene”, you now find yourself in the last section… “Getting Started” This post is basically a follow on from the last part of “Setting the Scene”, where that post detailed the steps that got […]

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Setting the Scene…

Those of you that got here from the “about me” will already have a fair indication of what I’m trying to do or achieve… This post is more of a follow on and ultimately a “Who am I”; what got me to where I wanted to change my life in the future background behind some […]

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Motivation Reboot

I’m really struggling at the moment… I have a full time job which just got a lot harder due to the departure of my boss and our administrator, meaning a shed load more work… add to this a two hour round trip commute; and trying (loosely) to work evenings on two side projects (this blog […]

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