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Income Report – May 2014

Well as you can probably tell i failed miserably in publishing on the 1st of the month, this being three months late… but i have a good excuse as i have been super busy with work on (full write up coming soon) together with an increasingly busy day job the last three months has flown by.

Considering that nothing really changed in the income part just more expenses… but i am really happy with the results. This has also got me thinking about a re-vamp for this site, not to drastically change it but to alter parts i’m not that happy with, given that i have learned more and i know what is possible.

So, as mentioned in the previous Income Report (Read Here) I listed my current salary plus bonus, i still intend to keep listing this only this month you will be able to see what i get payed without the Bonus.

Seeing as though the Income won’t have changed drastically month to month, i’m planning to do updates every 2-3 months on the income reports.

A lot has happened since the last Income Report, which i’m hoping i can actually find some time to sit down and write them up. here’s a brief run down on the things i have done and planned blogs on…

  • Project Work –
    • (plans for this to be the holding and registered company),
    • Updates to this site
  • Personal –
    • Second Trip Snowboarding (Read About it Here),
    • Purchase of Gen 8 HP Microserver,
    • Purchase of new TV (Samsung UE55H8000)
    • Purchase of Sonos Play:1
    • Purchase of GoPro Hero 3+
  • Work, Work,
    • 2 Office Moves,
    • Prep for Active Directory 2003 upgrade
    • Company Disposal Work
    • Network Infrastructure Changes Splitting the Forest from the US
    • Change of Global WAN links Provider.

Income Breakdown…

Daily Job
Income for January : £2,774.82
From Advertising : £0
Affiliate Earnings
Godaddy : £0
Aweber : £0
Optin Skin : £0
Thesis 2.0 : £0
Start a Blog That Matters : £0
No Income Generation at Present : £0
No Income Generation at Present : £0 Channel Page
From Adsense : £0

Total : £2,774.82


Expenses So Far…

Next i want to highlight the sites i have created so far and what costs have been outlaid to achieve there current development.
Purchase Outgoings

Project Work – Re-design Deposit £252.52 – Re-design Completion £562.77

Physical Server and bandwidth for 6 Months £531.93
Purchase Outgoings

Project Work

Purchase Outgoings
Purchase Outgoings Domain 2 yrs £17.70

Total : £1,364.92

Whoa… looking back to the last report i put that it was a large some of money to have outlaid without anything back… but then if you add last months Expense report to this you end up with a figure of £2,580.22 !!…i have made a $1.35 in the last 4 weeks that has been in live development but this hardly claws back the amount spend to date… although i have got two fully functioning websites from this, and £133 of this was wasted on a freelancer that did nothing but waste my time (which probably cost more)… but still prepaid to put in the effort for the long haul…

What Have I Learned…

Compared to where i was three months ago, work has progressed at such a rate… guess this is what happens when you actually select a developer that knows what they are doing and that the language gap isn’t that big. -that has been the key thing that i have learnt with this process and that you can get things cheaper outsourcing the labour, but don’t go that cheap! something you learn from all this, and i don’t think that it’s something you can learn until you have entered into this process…

Whilst i mentioned before i expect this to be a hard slog, especially with the advent of taking over running the I.T Department which currently shows no signs of abating in terms of workload, i just have to remember to keep plugging away, even if they are baby steps and not giant leaps..

Outsourcing – Getting It Right…

As i have just mentioned, getting outsourcing at the right price for you and achieving what you want is key to earning a living online. -Especially if you are not capable of doing some of it yourself.

The Developer i used to finish and re-design was actually suggested by the guy who created the Adult Pro Script, His help along with a great forum helped make the difference in getting it finished with the features i wanted.

Where the previous developer spend a year and only got the basics going, Marko the new developer had it running in a little under a Month!! -getting it right really does pay off. -and as of this point is up and running!

Over One Hurdle And Onto The Next…

Now that is now up and running, i now have a couple of tasks to complete.

  • Upload Content with targeted Tags/Keywords for Organic Traffic
  • SEO, I need to drive more traffic to the site to start generating more traffic from being ranked higher.

These are probably more work than actually getting the website created, with specific people offering there services to help generate traffic. I have a couple of plans in mind and will probably not be following the default route for linking for a Porn site… but this i will be developing and sharing as part of “Making Money With Porn” series of blog posts… that in itself a way of generating traffic and page ranking.

Next Months Plan…
Add Content
Work on SEO Strategy
Implement SEO Strategy
Seriously… Need to Write More Blog Posts

As mentioned last month I of course have to fit this in with my main job which will see a many tasks completed by July, Hopefully giving me time to work on these sites.

I also need to sort out some personal things as well, with moving potentially on the cards, but then that should serve to help with the time management, gaining time from less of a commute…

As i mentioned i plan to get the next Income Report out every 2-3 Months, unless something big happens and it needs sharing…

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