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Income Report – January 2014

Welcome to the first Income Report i have produced, in this report i’m going to explain a little about how much i currently get paid in full time employment, i will then go on to the sites i have currently created and list out all the expenditure that has made up those sites, from the initial outlay for software to the on going development and services charges.

I know that most people don’t like to talk about how much they get paid, shrouding it in mystery and doing their part of the keeping up with the joneses. i myself was like this and always like to keep an air of silence when the discussion of salary came up… but in an effort to be as transparent as possible when creating this site and it’s content, i’m going full disclosure… Yes, putting you salary info out on the web is about as un-inhibited you can get!!

So here it is then, I work as a Group Enterprise Infrastructure & Integration Architect for a Global Defence Company (Those wishing to know which one, check out my Linkedin) as a base salary i get £58,000, as part of the package i have the potential for a max 40% yearly bonus, a company car (worth 6k a year) with a fuel card for private and business use (worth 4k a year). Whilst i concede that this isn’t a bad salary (over twice the UK average) i’m all for having my cake and eating it; hence a continual strive to achieve & earn more through challenging myself. This is also why i have started this among other sites to hopefully generate a greater income whilst giving me more time to pursue other interests outside of work.

The figures for the Salary this January include a bonus of 16% (the 40% scheme comprised of 16% for Personal Objectives and 24% for Company Performance.) It also includes a pay rise over my previous salary because of the increased job responsibilities.

As with this and many of the income reports in the foreseeable future they will contain my salary, as this is what is being used to fund most of the projects, it will also serve to show any increases via promotions; and perhaps generate blog posts themselves detailing the way in which i have obtained them.

Income Breakdown…

Daily Job
Income for January : £6983.89
(includes Payrise & 16% Bonus)
From Advertising : £0
Affiliate Earnings
Godaddy : £0
Aweber : £0
Optin Skin : £0
Thesis 2.0 : £0
Start a Blog That Matters : £0
No Income Generation at Present : £0 Channel Page
From Adsense : £0

Total : £6,983.89


Expenses So Far…

Next i want to highlight the sites i have created so far and what costs have been outlaid to achieve there current development.
Purchase Outgoings
Adultscript Pro : $199 (£121)
NuevoPlayer 6 : £46.30 Domain : $97 (£60) Renewal 2 yrs : £17

Project Work : $217.50 (£133)

Test Personal Server : £0
Purchase Outgoings
Wordpress Plugins:
OptinSkin : £57
Pretty Link Pro : $37 (£23) Domain 5 yrs : £48 Domain 2 yrs : £17

Project Work -Site Creation : $950 (£580)

Hosting -Free With Domain : £0
Purchase Outgoings Domain 2 yrs : £13

Total : £1,215.30


So they are the various sites i have created, they are still in stages of development but this is just to show what i have outlaid so far over the past year..! This put’s my total outlay for these projects so far at £1,215.30. this is quite a large some of money to expend with nothing in return to show for it, but then i always new that this wouldn’t be an over night thing…

What have i learned…

well i was hoping to have slightly more completed than this when i started a year ago… I pretty much lay most of the blame on taking over the I.T as i alluded to in this post This has been a hard slog with many projects and renewals needing to be completed.. not leaving me much time to work on my other projects such as this site. However i do not see that as the be-all and end-all of the issue and believe that while the motivation reboot did work for a while, i slipped to easily back into bad habits…

Outsourcing Mistakes…

Another reason that dirty badger hasn’t gotten of the ground is down to a poor selection on my part of a freelancer on Elance, whilst he seemed confident that he could produce what i wanted for the price tendered, and with early results showing promise, this is then where it fell apart… with the main parts of the site completed, it was the small detail changes that where being missed… and with the language barrier becoming a serious issue in explaining these changes i had to resort to creating screen dumps in word to highlight the changes and make it more understandable, and to get across the changes that needed to be made.

As such, i have decided to cut my loses and pursue another developer who has worked with AdultScript Pro before, and there’s no communication barrier…
So, i’m hoping to have more news next month.

Outdated before it’s even in Place…

Another issue with the long development time of has been that the style in which i originally designed looks old, with everything taking on a metro type look, probably combined with the fact that By Photoshop skills have improved along with a better knowledge of HTML/CSS and what is achievable. -it’s a good job that i did the design work and didn’t pay another developer…

This has also got me looking at various ways in which i may be able to change/freshen the design of

Next Months Plan…

I have to tasks for the month of February:
To get an updated quote for the design and implementation of
There are some design/formatting issues with that i need to get the original contractor to have a look at..
Write several more blog posts.

I of course have to fit this in with my main job which will potentially see me in the states for two weeks.
Another big main job project this year will be the upgrade of our Windows Active Directory and Exchange Enviroment.

And yes… i plan to get the next Income Report out around the 1st or second of the Month…

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